.Ideal for computers,routers/modems,game consoles and other electronics in home or small office.
.Secures your data and your equipment by protecting against power outages.
.Easily install anywhere thanks to its small size & compact design
.With AVR corrects low and high voltage conditions without using the battery
.UPS can start without mains
.LCD Status Display and audible alarms
.Plug easily to PC, HD TV, internet gateway,) thanks to IEC or Schuko outlets
Easy management and monitoring from PC
Equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)

Protect Your Data Keep Your System Connected

With its compact design line interactive Lion + Ups offers secured power protection and battery backup power during outages for computers, outers/modems, external storage devices, game consoles and other electronics in your home or business. Lion + secures your data and your equipment by protecting you against damaging surges and spikes.
.LCD Display (1000-1500-2000)
.Microprocessor-Based Digital Control
.Automatic Voltage Stabilization
.Automatic Breaker
.Frequency Adaptive
.User Friendly Alarm System
.Cold Start
.Auto Restart while AC is Recovering
.Simulated Sine Wave Output
.Intelligent Battery Management
.Short Circuit and Over Discharged Protection
.Automatically Charging Battery at UPS Off Mode
.Shut Down when No Load Connected at Battery Mode
.USB Communication Port
.RJ11/RJ45 Protection