ALI BUSINESS MACHINES (PVT) LTD, PAKISTAN (AN ISO9001 CERTIFIED COMPANY). Working for last 24 years through years of development, our company has become a country’s famous solution provider of power protection equipment & services , offering numerous worldly patented technologies.Tens of new and high-tech products have been introduced by us during last 24 years in Pakistan.  Found in 1987, Ali Business Machines (pvt) ltd specializes in the supply of following equipment

 • Industrial & Non-Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

• Voltage Stabilizers & Line Conditioners

• Surge Protection Devices (including Power Surge Protector, Signal Surge Protector, CCTV Surge Protector, Lightening Rod and etc)

• Frequency Converters.  

• Maintenance Free Dry  Lead Acid Batteries.

• Solar Power generation system and Wind Power generation system.

• Battery Monitoring & Management Systems. 

• Telecom Rectifiers.  


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