Brief History
ABM, the importers and suppliers of quality UPS, Line Power Conditioners/Voltage Stabilizers and Frequency Converters is playing a pivot role in the market to provide total solution and protection for costly and sophisticated equipment against all the prevailing power problems arising due to over-voltage, surge/spike, dip, sag, brownout etc. Established in 1987, as a Private Firm, ABM has been successful in introducing in the market the above equipment of latest design to keep pace with ever-increasing technology and information management. With gradual expansion of business, ABM has now been converted as Private Limited Company besides opening of two Branch Offices at Karachi and Lahore and appointing many dealers in all the big cities of the country. The product line of the ABM manufactured by firms of world repute are futurist in technology and designed to provide reliable service, sure protection and to prolong the life of the costly equipment.
Our Mission
To provide sure protection for all delicate and critical Electronic equipment against all power hazards like surge, spike, Dip, brownout, blackout, over-voltage, frequency deviation which have now become extremely high priority for high tech-professionals.
Our Vision
To be the country's Leading Company in total solution of the power problems.
We Value
 - Responsibilities  - Respect
 - Quality  - Integrity
 - Satisfaction of Clients  - True to Commitments 
 - Timely and Prompt Backup Services 

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